How to setup the Shopify Connector?


A step-by-step guide to start your webshop with Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Step 1: Create Shopify account

Create a new Shopify Account or sign up for a free 14-day trial at More information about how to create and personalize your Shopify store can be found at

Step 2: Configure Shopify Account

Create API credentials

In order to allow Dynamics 365 Business Central to securely connect to Shopify, you need to create credentials in Shopify that Dynamics 365 Business Central will use to connect to Shopify.

Follow the steps below to create the credentials: 

  • Log in to the Shopify Admin page of your store e.g.:

  • In the menu on the left, click “Apps” 

  • Click right below for "Manage private apps" 

  • Click “Create private app” in the top right corner 

  • Enter a title for the app and set the permissions as shown in the screenshot below. When finished, click “Save app” in the top right corner. 

  • When you return to the overview of the Private apps, the API Key and Password will be shown. This information will be used later on in the setup of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Step 3: Shopify Connector Setup

This section describes the Shopify Connector Setup in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • In Dynamics 365 Business Central go to the Shopify Connector Setup page
    (Departments/Shopify Connector/Setup/Shopify Connector Setup)
    The setup wizard will start:

  • Click Next on the welcome page.

  • Enter the URL of your Shopify Store, together with the API Key and the password.
    Click Next:

  • Select the “Shopify Customer No.” and click Next:

  • Enter the “Shipping Cost Account” and click Next

  • Complete the registration information and click Next:
  • Click Finish

  • The Shopify Connector is now setup and ready to use.

Contact us if you need some help with the installation