Lower your costs and increase your efficiency with Scapta365

Focus on your customers, products and service.

Scapta365 takes care of your back-office system in the cloud. 

Scapta365 is a ready-to-use cloud software for sale, purchase, inventory and financial management of your SME. For the first time within Microsoft Office 365, SMEs can get started with software for managing their company. Own servers? No longer necessary! Also no more long implementation processes and this wat a price per user per month which is clear. Scapta365 is fully integrated with the well-known Microsoft Office 365 and also supports project management and time tracking.




Getting started from

€ 75

user / month

Looking for realtime insights into your accounting?

You can start quickly with Scapta365 Essentials for your online accounting. Even the system to login is very easy: just with your Office365 account. The software can grow easily with your enterprise. The advantage is that all other solutions and Microsoft apps are easy to activate and combine. 
The best choice for:
• Management companies
• Start up's 
• SME's that want to cooporate with their accountant and their online accounting

You need more than accounting only?

With Scapta365 the possibilities are endless: stock management, order management, project and service management, assembly management and reporting. Scapta365 is a software that grow with your enterprise, all the other solutions of Microsoft are easy to activate. 
The best choice for: 
• Marketing companies
• Consulting companies
• Trade & Service




Getting started from


user / month




Getting started from 

€ 150

user / month

Is customization better for your company?

Are you ready for the cloud, but still in need of specific adjustments, integration or customization required? 
The best choice for:
• Wholesale with service 
• Companies that consciously choose for company specific customizations for integrations
• Companies that consciously choose not to do automatic updates

One size fits all? No way! You can expand easily with the option packs of Scapta365.

Why our customers choose for Scapta365

6 reasons why you should choose Scapta365

All-in subscription

If you choose for Scapta365, you choose for a full package with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Office 365 and hosting on the servers. Even a free users for your external auditor is included! 

Pay what you use

Additional staff in the busy months? You can activate and deactivate the users at any time. So you only pay for the users that you use. 

Price per user/month

No more long implementation processes which you need to pay in advance with a heavy investment. From now on you pay only per user per month, without any risk.  


We offer a standard of 3 days for the guidance, so you can start quickly with Scapta365.

Always up-to-date

No more nightmares for the upgrades of your NAV. No expensive upgrade projects with Scapta365. You always work with the latest version. 

Secure and flexible

You work directly in the Microsoft Cloud. You can choose with which device you use Scapta365: Windows, Android and iOS.

Online training 

You can easily find your way in Scapta365 with our online training videos. The videos help you step by step in making your choice. You will be Scapta365 expert in no time. 

Scapta365 release notes 

Ask your demo 

During a personal demo we show you how you can work more efficiently with Scapta365.

Free trial for 15 days 

Try out Scapta365 for 2 weeks. Totally free and without any obligation.  


Clear and transparent. With a price per user per month, you choose the subscription that suits you best. 


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