A real point of sale with Scapta and NaviPOS

Do you need a real point of sale next to all functionalities in Navision? That's pretty common. Several clients asked us the question over the years. That is why we developed a completely integrated POS within Dynamics NAV. Scapta can integrate your cash & carry within the rest of your ERP system, and we do that with NaviPOS.

Why NaviPOS?


You can book tickets with speed and ease of use. 


At the end of the day you count the money in the drawer. At that time, all the accounting work is performed automatically for you. 

Remote assistance 

We have a supporteam who is ready to support you with the NaviPOS system. 


  • Multiple payment types per ticket
  • Supporting customer cards and saving systems
  • Gift and credit vouchers
  • Place tickets and order in hold
  • Prepayment handling
  • Integration with payment terminals
  • Article traceability
  • Fast end of day closing in your ERP system, not twice the work
  • Touchscreen
  • Compatible with hardware components such as cash registries, ticket printers and more
  • And much more...

How does it work?

Watch the video and discover NaviPOS!

NaviPOS resellers 

Scapta works with a number of reliable resellers for the implementation of your NaviPOS. Our resellers are your local NaviPOS experts, discover them now. 

Client references 

  • Bruyerre
  • De Banier
  • Spuntini

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