NaviPOS resellers

Scapta collaborates with some reliable resellers for the implemtation of your NaviPOS solution. Our resellers are your local NaviPOS experts. Together with them, we are able to offer an even better NaviPOS experience and service.

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Q & A

When is the new release of NaviPOS foreseen?

The new release of NaviPOS follows no later than three months after the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. These new releases will contain both general improvements and new functionalities.

Is a full Dynamics NAV user required?

No, NaviPOS is able to use an ISV device call, so you don't need a full Dynamics NAV user to be able to work with NaviPOS.

Are the different country localizations foreseen?

The ww version and Belgian localisation is foreseen by Scapta-IT Solutions. Other countries are under the responsibility of the local partner.

Is NaviPOS working over different shops?

Yes, it's possible to work with different branches with NaviPOS.

Is it possible to use NaviPOS offline?

No, NaviPOS is an online solution

Can you use different cash registers in a shop?

Yes, no problem at all, you can easily work with different cash registers in one shop.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, via this link you can watch a demo video.

Is my NAV partner able to install NaviPOS?

Yes, Scapta aleady has an extensive partner network for the implementation of NaviPOS. We are always open for new partnerships.

Our NaviPOS resellers

  • Abecon
  • Astena
  • ATX Business Solutions
  • Computerland
  • DIN Solutions
  • GAC
  • ifacto
  • GMI Group
  • Sci-net Business Solutions