Keeping software up-to-date l Scapta Shopify connector V3.0

Some of the new features of the Scapta Shopify Connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central V3.0 will include the following :

  • Do you work with drop shipments and don’t keep your stock levels in Microsoft Business Central ? No problem: in the new version you can decide if you want the stock of Microsoft Business Central to be leading or the stock in Shopify is leading. Depending on this setup the system will synchronize the correct stock level to the Shopify shop. This is a setup that can be implemented per Shopify shop.
  • Working with multiple shops connected to a Microsoft Business Central will also be possible. The Shopify Connector v3.0 will support multiple shops.
  • Managing your items will also become more easier. In the new version you can setup that the Shopify will be your main source for the item setup and use your Shopify as some kind of PIM system. The only thing needed to be done is to map the item card to the correct item in Shopify.
  • You will be able to sync your orders to Microsoft Business Central system from Shopify. When the customer doesn’t exist in the Microsoft Business Central system it will be created according to a pre setup template within the application.
  • When doing the synchronization and the item doesn’t already exists in the Microsoft Business Central system, the system will make some proposals. First it will look if the SKU is the item number, then it will look in the barcodes and finally it looks if the SKU matches any vendor item number. If this is still not the case the user needs to do the mapping or creation manually.

The July update of our Scapta Shopify Connector for Dynamics 365 will be available in:

  • US
  • UK
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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