Kalena365, an integrated system for organisations in youth care 

Kalena365 ensures that the personal file of every younger is efficient, safe and well-organized is maintained in an integrated system. In addition the administrative obligations of the government completed by means of reporting dashboard. Kalena365 enables organizations in the youth care to spend their time and energy to relief effort in the field. 
Kalena365 is based on Dynamics365 and can seamlessly integrate with Office365. 

Why Kalena365? 



The biggest advantage of Kalena365? The adaptability! Add an additional field to a tab? No problem! Or setting up a workflow? Also possible! You can just add it to Kalena365 yourself, without the help of a software-supplier, easy isn't it?





The entire system can be seamlessly integrated with Outlook and Office365. E-mail or appointments can(automatically or not) be linked to the file in the right way and be in the time line of the younger. Very simple, but incredibly handy.  



The price is not an insignificant factor in the Healthcare. Good to know is that the Microsoft licenses are eligible for the non profit socialware program from Microsoft. In addition, the app Kalena365 also offered at a very competitive price per user/per month.



Modules & functionalities 


Management of youth files 

The digital file of each younger is the heart of your system. All the information about the younger is showing in orderly way, in seperate tabs:
  • Contact information
  • Connections of the younger: family, teacher, doctor, psychologist,... 
  • Daytime activities
  • Meals
  • Money
  • Active divisions: day guidance, residental or context guidance
  • Timeline

Activity registration in the journal

In addition to the general information of the younger, all the activities are registrated in the journal. So the healthcare providers receive a quick overview of each file. In the timeline you can find a complete history of every young person with other things:
  • Meetings
  • Notifications
  • File appointments 
  • Phone calls 
  • Tasks
  • E-mails, tracked from Outlook 

Integration with Outlook

Kalena365 can be seamlessly integrated with Office 365 and Outlook. In concrete terms, it means that e-mails can be easily tracked with a few clicks so that this appears in the time line of the younger. 
And this is not only possible with emails, your scheduled appointments and tasks can appear in the journal of the younger.

Rapportage/BI possibilities

Office365 offers the possibility to use Power BI for free. This tool allows you to develop the necessary reporting and BI on top of the data from Kalena365.

Already in the near future there will be some standard reports available within the Power BI environment on Kalena365.

Other available functionalities








Missing person report


SOCIALware, Microsoft non-profit program

Specifically for non-profit organisations, Microsoft provides a wide range of Cloud applications with significant discounts. Since Kalena365 is based on Office365 and Dynamics is this also eligible for this non-profit rates. To qualify for this non-profit discounts, you must be an approved charitable institution in your country and Microsoft sign anti-discrimination policy. Find more information on this page . 

Youth institutions that have chosen for Kalena365:





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