BI is complicated? Let’s keep it simple.

Being a big Excel fan, Jet Essentials is everything I need to make beautiful reports all within my comfy Excel. When handling more data and creating dashboards, we notice that we need to go a step further. That’s where Jet Enterprise comes in. We don’t pull our reports directly from the NAV database anymore, so no stress for the server and … no stress for impatient me!

If you need to have a quick analysis throughout all of your data and/or you need to combine data of different companies and/or several databases of different types and/or versions… Jet Enterprise provides it all. No database knowledge is needed anymore. You can create pivot tables and charts in Excel on the data that has already been cleaned and ordered in the way you want it. There are also pre-build reports and dashboards, but the most important is the technology behind it.

Leonardo Da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Do you want to pay a high-level technical consultant for several weeks or months to implement a data warehouse and cubes with coding that only he can understand and change? The Jet data warehouse and cubes for NAV can be customized with a standard drag & drop tool. Simple and fast. No coding needed. Even the most technical guy in the office told me “now I know that this exists, I don’t want to create cubes manually anymore”.  And.. last but not least, we are still on familiar grounds knowing Jet Enterprise uses the Microsoft SQL server technology.

Is there an alternative? Thinking…. Still thinking…. Mmmm, not if you have big data, but there is a great solution for little companies and that is : power bi, power pivot, power view, power map, power query !

Power What?

Well, I will tell you all about it in my next post.